Everyone would probably like to feel that they have made the most of their life and achieved something they are proud of. However, not everyone has received, or indeed wants, recognition for what they have accomplished. 

Scout Leaders do not become leaders to seek admiration or reward but because they want to ‘help out’ and perhaps have some fun while doing so. They give their free time voluntarily to Scouting in order to help shape young people’s lives for the better, and it is something they should be proud of.

While it could be argued that they all deserve a medal that is not how it works in Scouting, although there is a system in place that tries to ensure that leaders receive a specific award that is related to the properly recorded length and type of service they have given.

Many leaders in our District have received such awards and where possible these have been mentioned in the articles that have been written about individual Groups. However, by clicking the links below you will find a list of those known to have received either or both of the top two awards.

In addition to awards for service there are awards for Meritorious Conduct and Gallantry. Again, click the link below to find the names of those who have received such awards.

For Scouts the ultimate achievement of the progressive award scheme is the King’s Scout Award (previously King’s Scout Badge, Queen’s Scout Badge and Queen’s Scout Award). Another link is provided to read a special article about this Award together with a list of those known to have accomplished this goal.

Please note that the problem with producing lists is that there will always be omissions. We would ask you to let us know of anyone you know that should be included. Once confirmed they will be added.


Scouting awards:

Famous in their own field

There are also many ex Scouts and Leaders from our District who went on to achieve success, ‘making their mark’ in a variety of ways. They are not all necessarily nationally famous or all been rewarded with an Honour, but they are probably ‘famous’ in their own field. We have produced a list to highlight as many of these people as possible and hope that Scouting somehow helped them on their way.

Look up your local Scout Group, because you’ve got a safe, practical community who will encourage and support you.'
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls