19th Finchley Rovers

This short article has been produced to recognise this stand-alone Rover Crew that was in existence between 1931 and 1934.

During May 1931 the District Executive received an application for the formation of an Open Rover Crew in Church End, Finchley. There was some opposition to this but after a vote of 12 to 8 approval was given and they were allocated the Group number 19.

There is no record as to where they met or the colour of their scarf.

Lawrence Prestoe, who had joined the movement as the Badge Secretary in 1928 was granted a warrant as the Rover Scout Leader (RSL) and Arthur Miall, the current District Secretary, became the Assistant Rover Scout Leader (ARSL).

No explanation can be found as to why this Crew was formed, especially as the 4th Finchley were in the process of forming their own Rover Crew and Arthur was considered to be responsible for the formation of that Group in 1917.

Shortly after their inception, due to the Sports Secretary being indisposed, the Crew were asked to organise the Cub Sports. This they did and even made a small profit.

The census figures for 1931, at the end of September, stated that there were just 7 members plus the 2 aforementioned leaders.

Apart from the census figures for 1932 (now 5 Rovers) there was no specific information about the Crew. By 1933 the number of Rovers was down to 4 and a comment in the District’s annual report stated that most were actively engaged in other Scouting activities either in Finchley or elsewhere.

During 1934 the Group (Crew) closed down. Lawrence Prestoe continued as the District Badge Secretary although he did later become the ADC for Rovers. Arthur Miall continued as the District Secretary but during the same year joined the 4th Finchley as their ARSL.

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