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Finchley, Friern Barnet & Golders Green District history

Our aim

The purpose of this project is to try to provide a permanent record of Scouting in Finchley, Friern Barnet and Golders Green, up until it merged in 2008 with Barnet and Hendon & Edgware, to form the new Barnet Borough District.

Finchley, Friern Barnet & Golders Green District badge

This is being done by creating a number of pages that not only relate specifically to the District, but also the individual Groups within the District. The pages will be supported by photographs and individual memories.

It’s a big project and one that may never be “finished”!  We make no claims to having a complete archive of information, so if you spot any mistakes, or can add anything to any section, please let us know.



We are grateful to the people that have already provided us with information, which includes special books and booklets from the archives of a number of Groups.

Additionally we have received some personal records from individuals and are also in possession of a number of records from the District archives that include District Bulletins, old photographs and press reports*.

Although it will take some time to properly review all the documents that we have, and that we still hope to receive, we have started to share some of the information.  New pages will be created with additional information as soon as we are able.

As such the project will be ongoing for some time so it is not too late for you to contribute. If you wish to do so by adding a memory or by providing material please click here.

*Please note that some press articles contain incorrect information.


Navigating the pages

We are currently trying to determine the best way to enable you to focus on specific information. In the meantime though, the menu below provides links to the subjects that currently have material available for you to read. On each page there are links to associated photographs and more information about specific individuals. There is also one to bring you back to the menu.



The District – an overview and the Groups
This section covers the start of Scouting in Finchley, its development and a list of the Groups that existed.

Some Groups will have more information than others – this is not favouritism, it simply depends upon how much we have found.  If you know something that is not recorded, please let us know.

Leaders and Officials
Here we try to give you the names of some people that played a key role over the years.

Finchley Lodge
For so long this was the centre of administration and a venue that provided accommodation for visitors and facilities for meetings and training courses.

Frith Grange
The District camp site is a prized asset and where most members of the District must have spent at least one night camping. In this section are details of its acquisition and the changes that occurred over the years.

The War Years
Much has been discovered about the impact of the war on Scouting in Finchley. Some Groups were forced to temporarily meet together and many of the older Scouts and Rovers helped generally with the war effort.

King’s & Queen’s Scouts
We have tried to list the names of all those that achieved this top award. There are many press snippets and photos.

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