District Team

Tracey Smith
District Commissioner

Tracey is the second District Commissioner of Barnet Borough, and the first to be called Tracey Smith.

She is quiet and unassuming in “normal” life, but somehow manages to put that aside when she is Scouting to become a force of nature with whom you should not mess.

When she is not Scouting, Tracey enjoys powerlifting and extreme ironing.

Favourite apple: Granny Smith

Clive Hailey
Deputy District Commissioner

Clive is a Sea Scout, and so wears a different uniform from the rest of us normals.

He is of course somewhat annoyed that the nearest sea to Barnet is around 40 miles away.

However, knowing Clive he has probably got a plan to change that.

Favourite car: a boat

Gill Young
Assistant District Commissioner – Beaver Scouts

As ADC Beavers, Gill is no stranger to glitter.

She has a wholesaler’s account at Hobbycraft and orders it by the skipload.

A regular contributor to their newsletter, Gill has her own warehouse of craft materials organised by type and then alphabetically.

She can often be found washing her clothes and/or herself in a vain attempt to remove poster paint stains and gobbets of PVA glue.

Favourite delivery: useful stuff

Andy Simson
Assistant District Commissioner – Cub Scouts

Known to everyone after 5 minutes’ acquaintance as “Angry Andy”, our ADC Cubs is in fact a big softy.

He has a secret room full of his favourite soft toys and is a fully paid up lifetime member of The Tufty Club.

Andy knows all of the words to every BTS hit and has perfected the dance moves as well.

Favourite colour: sparkle.

Danny Grech
Assistant District Commissioner – Scouts

Have you met Danny yet?

He is Scout Leader at the 21st Hendon and helps Steve Cox to run the District shooting club at Frith Grange.

By day and early evenings he is a builder, generally a one man band and very skilled at most trades.  A quizmaster at a local pub before lockdown, he now runs the Barnet District Leaders’ Quiz via Zoom on Thursday evenings and enjoys encyclopaedic general knowledge.

Things you probably didn’t know
Held up at gunpoint when he was managing a pizza outlet in Mill Hill, Danny has worked in the computer and telecoms industry, organised loads of stage lighting and is no stranger to wiring heavy electrical plant.

He grew up in Mill Hill, sometimes attended school but most afternoons played truant preferring the outdoors to classrooms. His father was Maltese and mother Sicilian so Danny speaks fluent Italian with an interesting accent!

He has a fund of stories from southern Europe and the UK; why not invite him to a Scout Troop evening, he might even run a game!

Favourite sweet: lemon-flavoured Maltesers

Joshua Thomas
Assistant District Commissioner - Media & Communications

If there was a post for “ADC Creative Stuff”, Josh would be the man to fill it.  As it is, he’s having to make do with “ADC Media & Communications”, which makes for a longer name badge but is paradoxically somewhat less descriptive.

He not only likes photography, making videos and inventing new activities, but outside Scouting he acts and is interested in working in TV.  (He applied for a job at GB News but was turned down on the grounds that his views were “too radical”.)

He is a leader at 1st Finchley and 2nd Edgware, and needs only a Group starting with “3rd” to complete the set.

He can easily be made to laugh and is especially fond of his own jokes.

It’s not all good stuff though.

On the minus side, he is a very fussy eater on camp, and you won’t see him during the mornings as they are for sleeping.

Favourite joke: click here

Kevin Munday
District Explorer Scout Commissioner

After 5 years of supporting Scouting at 20th Finchley, Kevin has recently become the District Explorer Scout Commissioner.

In his day job he runs the education charity CityYear UK.  He’s also dad to his own Explorer Scout.

Apart from Scouts Kevin wears a uniform at work and also volunteers for St. John Ambulance. He may also have Thunderbirds pyjamas, but this hypothesis has not been tested.

Favourite uniform: the next new one


Position Vacant
District Network Commissioner
Georgina Smith
District Youth Commissioner

As Youth Commissioner, there is literally nothing that you can say about Georgina that hasn’t already been posted on literally all of “the socials”.

Obviously. Duh.

Favourite meme: Lizzo dressed like the fly on Mike Pence’s head

Judy Turner
Badge Secretary

If you need badges, Judy’s recycling bin round the corner of her house is the place to look.

Judy is a highly efficient badge secretary and known for her quick turneround of orders.

Favourite badge word: overlocking

Trevor Young
District Chairperson
Steven Maton
District Treasurer
Teresa Arnedo
Activities Manager
Brian Atkinson
Nights Away Adviser

Brian can often by found driving around far flung places in his camper van, which makes him a great choice to be Nights Away Adviser.

When you meet him he will almost certainly be accompanied by his dog Milo, his faithful sidekick.

Brian has a background in the police and the Court service, but if he told you about any of his work he’d have to kill you.

Position Vacant
Top Youth Awards Advisor
Look up your local Scout Group, because you’ve got a safe, practical community who will encourage and support you.'
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls