1st Finchley

If, as is thought, Groups were numbered in the order they were formed, then the 1st was the first Group recognised by the District. Although we believe this to have happened in 1908/9 we do not, at present (2022), know where they met.

Evidence also suggests that the Group closed c1926 for a few years, before re-emerging around 1931. On this occasion though, they appears to have only survived for about 3 years.

The next we hear of the 1st Finchley is in 1959 when the 81st North London (2nd Finchley) and the 20th Finchley amalgamate and call themselves the 1st. They meet at “The Better ‘Ole”, in Trinity Road, East Finchley, the home of the old 81st NL.

The District Bulletin for November 1959 details the necessary Warrant changes that took place. E R Amies who was the Group Scout Master (GSM) with the 20th stays as GSM of the 1st. P Cooper (ex 2nd) becomes the Scout Master (SM) of the joint enterprise and is assisted by Les Cornish (ex 2nd), B Nichol and P Watkins (both ex 20th)

The Senior Scout Section comes under the joint control of T Knight, W Stevens and R Syres (all ex 20th), whilst the Wolf Cubs form two Packs. The leader of ‘Mang’ Pack is Mrs A Histead, with assistance from R E Brett and E R Lewis (all ex 2nd), and the leader of ‘Mowgli’ pack is Mrs E Batchelor, assisted by Mrs B Stevens, Miss J Batchelor and Peter Davis (all ex 20th).

The colour of their scarf is not recorded.

The 20th Finchley did at a later date reopen as a stand-alone Group, details of which will appear elsewhere.

More to follow, but it should be noted that the Group finally closed c1999. The headquarters was sold and residential property now occupies the area.

It should also be noted that the above Group has no connection with the 1st Finchley Air Scouts or the current 1st Finchley Group that opened in 2011.

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