St. George’s Day Parades

As all Scouts know St. George is not only the Patron Saint of England but he is also the Patron Saint of Scouts. In ‘Scouting for Boys’ Robert Baden- Powell likens Scouts to knights of old and the Scout Law to the rules by which they lived. He talks about chivalry and because St. George was the only patron saint who was a horseman he was the Patron Saint of the cavalry from which the word chivalry is derived. 

St George’s Day is the 23rd April and on that day all Scouts should remind themselves of their Promise and of the Scout Law. To do this most Scouts take part in a parade and service every year, either on that day or as close to it as possible.

In addition to the District parades there is also an annual parade at Windsor Castle that is attended by selected holders of the King’s and Queen’s Scout Badge/Award. The first of these was in April 1934 when a parade of King’s Scouts was reviewed by King George V and was followed by the first National Scout Service in St George’s Chapel.

Where we have a record of who represented our District at these parades specific mention is made within the article that has been written about their Group.

The first record we have found of a parade in Finchley was that held on the 23rd April 1924. As can be seen from the attached press cutting the celebration took place at Gordon Hall, the headquarters of the 10th Finchley. Dr Griffin, Assistant County Commissioner for London and Commissioner for Fulham and Hammersmith, gave the address.

For many years, following the parade and service in our District, afternoon tea was provided for Scouters and visiting dignitaries at the District Headquarters. Quite often special announcements and awards were also made at this gathering.

The table below covers the years for which we have information. It provides the location, the name of the person that gave the address and any relevant additional facts.

For most of these years there are also press cuttings and some photographs. They can be viewed by clicking here.

Year Venue Speaker Notes
1928 St. Mary’s School, Church End, Finchley Mr Alick Tassell
Chief Scout’s Commissioner
Over 400 Cubs and Scouts were on parade.
1929 Squires Lane School Mr H E Spencer
County Secretary for Kent
1930 Squires Lane School Mr F Haydn Dimmock
Editor of ‘The Scout
1931 Squires Lane School Mr F Haydn Dimmock
Editor of ‘The Scout’
Joint parade with Brownies and Guides as part of the Scout & Guide week.
1932 North Road School, East Finchley Mr H Francis Clarke
DC for South West Herts
Over 200 Scouts and Rovers. No record of Cubs commemoration.
1933 St. Martin’s School, East Finchley Mr Ince
ACC for East London
Over 200 Cubs and nearly 300 Scouts paraded.
1934 St. Martin’s School, East Finchley Mr Hubert Martin C.B.E.
International Commissioner
Mr Feasey, retiring District Chairman, presented with Thanks Badge.
1935 Manorside School, Finchley Mr J F Colquhoun
Headquarters Commissioner 
For Wolf Cubs
Separate parades for Cubs and Scouts. The Cub address was followed by a film.
1936 Martin School, East Finchley For Scouts & Rovers: –
Mr Graham Wallis, DC for Barnet
For Cubs: –
Mrs Hoare
After the Cub parade a film was shown.
1937 Martin School, East Finchley For Scouts & Rovers :–
Rev. Preb. Stewart F L Bernays
Rector of Finchley
For Cubs: –
Ald. A T Pike O.B.E., J.P.
Mayor of Finchley
Over 350 Cubs & Scouts representing 15 Groups.
1938 Martin School, East Finchley Rev. Preb. Stewart F L Bernays
Rector of Finchley
A film of the 1937 Jamboree was shown after the parade.
1939 Gordon Hall (10th Finchley HQ) for Cubs
Martin School, East Finchley for
Scouts and Rovers
For Cubs:-
Rev R Crossley-Scott
For Scouts and
Mr Hugh Linstead
104 Cubs and 14 Scouters at their parade.
1940 Unknown Sir Percy Everett
Chief Scout Commissioner
1941 Unknown Cllr H H Wilmot
Mayor of Finchley
1942 Gordon Hall Mr F Haydn Dimmock
Editor of ‘The Scout’
1943 Gordon Hall Mr Rex Hazlewood of Imperial Headquarters There were some changes to the format – click here to see the Gallery.
1944 No details can currently be found
1945 No details can currently be found
1946 Christ’s College Rev. Michael Ridley
Rector of Finchley
The Catholic Cubs & Scouts attended a service at St Philip’s Church.


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