YL Training Weekend

Between: 2nd December 2022 - 4th December 2022 Location: Frith Grange Campsite Sections: Explorer Scouts, Young Leaders

Every year for one weekend Frith is booked out for Barnet’s Young Leaders. Over the two days they can work through training modules together, pick up new skills and meet new friends.

Please pass these details on to your Explorers/YLs:

Venue: Frith Grange Campsite, Frith Lane, London, NW7 1PT
Arrival: 6pm, Friday 2nd December
Collection: 12pm, Sunday 4th December
Cost: £20.00 per attendee (talk to your GSL to see if your Group will pay for you)
Transport details: Bring your Oyster Card (or money to buy a day card)
Activities: Young leader training modules and quiz in London

Further details: Part of the weekend is a quiz in London; Explorer Scouts will be in teams travelling between checkpoints and collecting quiz answers unsupervised.

Frith Grange Campsite

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