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Spinney work party

Date: 11th April 2021 Location: Frith Grange Campsite Sections: Adult Volunteer
As long as it’s not heavy rain or snow I’ll be working in the Spinney on Sunday morning from 10.00am with a couple of projects.   The work isn’t overly sexy but is really useful to benefit everyone using Frith!
There is digging, clearing (in places glass and rubble) and preparing an area for grass seed.  Basic tools provided and gloves which are essential.
Refreshments in the Cyril Allen as a take away (take outside) offer;  if you’re likely to remain onsite for the day the same refreshments setup will be offered with some lunch items (fruit, rolls, ham, cheese etc).
We are still living amidst a pandemic, so social distancing and a sensible approach to sharing tools needs to be applied and work will be broken down and spaced out.   The area is over 2 acres so there should be no need for a gathering of volunteers but in addition to these considerations it would be really helpful to have an idea of who’s coming along so please drop me a text or email.


Mike Proctor

Frith Grange Campsite

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