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Young Leader Training returns!

Date: 25th Mar 2021 Author: Andrew Rush

Dear Leaders

I wanted to expand a little on the chat about Young Leaders following on from the All Leaders Meeting on Wednesday 24 March, it needed more explanation and airtime than permitted at the meeting.

Firstly now we are seeing a return to face to face scouting there is the beginning of some training dates being put together and offered. This list will (I hope) expand as the summer term moves along and we look to the new Scouting year there should be a lot of training made accessible for Young Leaders.

The dates at the moment are:

  • April 14th Frith Grange Module A (email Anne)
  • April 26th Margaret Road Module A (email Mike)
  • May 12th Frith Grange Module B (email Anne)
  • June 9th Frith Grange Module C (email Anne)

All training times are 19:30 – 21:30 and courses are limited to 15 places. Pre booking is essential please by emailing the person shown above. The two venues are Frith Grange Campsite, Frith Lane, NW7 1PT or 1st & 3rd New Barnet Scout Group HQ, Margaret Road, New Barnet, EN4 9RB.

The ongoing challenge with communicating to young leaders is born of the issue of who manages them once working at Group level? Adults should be talking with their GSL and Training Advisor (if not the GSL) but when it comes to young leaders there is a bit of grey and some uncertainty. Anne & Jonathan do communicate as best they can with the young leaders but they might not even be aware that your Group/sections have got young leaders!

I haven’t got a fix for this, and all I can offer you is an explanation of what I do at 1st & 3rd.

I keep a list of young leaders, and I send them the information of training dates because I want them to achieve their Young Leader Belt and I want the Group to enjoy the best out of a fully trained amazing resource – a Young Leader!

I would suggest two points of action to ensure that your sections get all the benefits of young
leaders helping:

  • Let Anne know who your young leaders are, what section they help in and if they have done any training already.
  • Find that 10 seconds to forward the emails with training dates to young leaders working in your section.

Having young leaders in your sections is a FANTASTIC bonus BUT with this comes some need for leaders to “buy in” and support their training and by doing the two points above will help dramatically.

If you have any questions please feel free to come back to me, or contact Anne (details were emailed to GSLs, ESLs ADCs & District Team on the 24th March) and enjoy the huge benefits that having young leaders supporting your Group brings.



GSL, 1st & 3rd New Barnet Scout Group

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