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Young Leaders/Explorer Scouts

Date: 24th Mar 2021 Author: Andrew Rush

Young Leaders/Explorer Scouts who turn 18 and want to have an Adult Role


We must look after them as they turn 18. They will have friends who are still Explorer Scouts and may be in a relationship with an Explorer/YL who is under 18.

Here are two links and for pre-existing relationships please scroll down the safeguarding page. As you see any concerns to the DC:

I used the following wording about friends for one of ours who turned 18:

As I outlined your friends are friends away from Scouts. But at Scouts you are a leader. Regarding communications, please make sure that your Facebook etc are restricted so that Scouts cannot see. You can of course communicate with your friends, but as we said it must not be about Scouting.

Stay safe


Roger Turner
Local Training Manager

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