Update on fires & BBQs at Frith Grange

Date: 12th Aug 2022 Author: Andrew Rush

Due to the weather there is a total ban on all fires, BBQs and gas BBQs at Frith Grange until further notice.   Due to the weather and the forecasts going forward this is highly unlikely to change before September so please, if you have booked to use Frith plan your programme accordingly.

I am talking to other Scout centres regularly and people are discussing how they are managing this situation; some are now not allowing any outdoor cooking and providing access to a kitchen for those camping.   We are not at this stage yet BUT who knows if it will be deemed necessary going forwards.

If this ban wrecks your programme and the purpose was purely to come to Frith for fire lighting it is only fair that the District will give you a refund on your booking if you wish to cancel whilst this ban is in place.

Thanks very much for your support by adhering to this ban.




DDC Barnet Borough Scouts

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