“Shocking” news at Frith Grange!

Date: 31st Dec 2022 Author: Andrew Rush

We are delighted to be able to announce that, thanks to some financial support from the charity London Hearts, we have been able to source a Mindray C1A Defibrillator in a secure heated cabinet for Frith Grange Campsite.

This has been installed inside the porch of the Cyril Allen building, where it is quickly accessible, is protected from the environment and can be monitored by our CCTV.

The unit is NOT currently registered on the National Database administered by the Ambulance Service via the 999 emergency number.  We took this decision because our gates are locked for most of the daytime hours, there is no residential property nearby and there is negligible footfall along Frith Lane, so the probability of the need for access to the unit by a member of the public is very low and to have it registered could well lead to confusion if our gates are locked.  This will be reviewed if/when we have daytime occupancy of the site.

The cabinet is secured with a digital keypad and requires a 5 digit code to unlock it.  The code is discretely displayed in the porch and has been emailed to leaders. May we suggest that you enter it into your mobile phone?


You have all learned how to use an AED as part of your First Aid/First Response Training but you may care to click on the link to view a short video of this particular defibrillator in action: https://vimeo.com/557677120/e7524918c5
Whilst we sincerely hope that the need to use the defibrillator never arises, should it happen then please report the incident to the DC immediately.


Best regards


Clive Hailey
Deputy District Commissioner

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