Minibuses and the ULEZ expansion proposal

Date: 27th Jun 2022 Author: Andrew Rush

District has had their attention drawn to the fact that, if the London Mayor succeeds in his plans to extend the ULEZ to cover everywhere inside the M25 from August 2023, there will be a number of our Scout Groups owning or using an older minibus which will cost them £12.50 a day every time they move it!  Currently, these buses are safe unless they enter the central area (inside the North Circular).


We would like to establish what impact, if any this proposal would have on you, if it is adopted.  Are you happy to carry the extra costs?  Would this encourage you to either dispose of your bus or to replace it?


You may also be personally aware of other charitable organisations who will be adversely affected and information about these would also be useful.


Everybody is entitled to make representation on this consultation, to sign petitions, lobby councillors and the Mayor or if you like, to support the move – it is your call.


Depending upon the information we collect and the feelings expressed across the District, we may ask the London Region Scout Commissioner to take steps to ensure that the Mayor is aware of the impact that the extension will have on the operation of all charities including Scouting, who can’t afford to buy new buses and most of whom only need to travel across the new proposed zone to get out of London, not to travel in to London.


Please let us have your thoughts and views, even if you don’t actually operate your own minibus.

Thank you.


Best regards





Deputy District Commissioner – Compliance, Systems & Data

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