Membership fee 2023

Date: 14th Dec 2022 Author: Andrew Rush

First, sorry for the delay in sending out this information but there has been much discussion with the County regarding their proposed portion for the Membership fee in 2023. The County portion has now been finalised. As you will see below the increase in the County portion is significant and the District has no option other than to pass this on.

The District Executive has decided to keep the District portion for 2023 at the same amount as for 2022 i.e £6.00. However, both HQ and County have increased their portion:

  • HQ £36.00 (2022 £35.00)
  • County £12.00 (2022 £4.50)

Therefore the overall Membership fee for the coming year will be £54.00 per person (£36.00 + £12.00 + £6:00), payable for each member under the age of 18 who is declared on the annual census at 31st January 2023. Details of how that Census will be taken will be issued by HQ.

The District Treasurer will be contacting the Group Scout Leaders, Explorer Scout Unit Leaders and their Treasurers in the near future to advise the process for payment of the Membership fee to the District.

Please note that the Census information needs to be submitted online as promptly as possible and no later than 5th February 2023. Data can be entered into the return as soon as the Census web page opens in January 2023 – you do not need to wait until 31st January.


Tracey Smith
District Commissioner

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