Cubs’ Night Hike – start times

Date: 5th Mar 2023 Author: Andrew Rush

Here are your allocated arrival, start and collection times for the night hike on 11th March.

Just a reminder I need people to run the bases and do the campfire. So far I still have only got 1 as confirmed. If I do not get help for these then I will have to cancel the event. I will review this on Monday 6th March as to whether or not it is cancelled.

As there are other people on site the only people who will be able to park on site are those who are helping with the running of the event.

Parking will be at Barry M and the Bllu Eye cash & carry car park. I ask that Leaders and adults who are walking with the Cubs park at Barry M if possible. If parents are just dropping off and picking up then please ask them to park in the Bllu Eye cash and carry car park which is the industrial estate by the railway bridge.

Will Groups please let me know who they have that will be coming to help with running bases? Please ask them to get there by 5.45pm.

All adults who are hiking will need to wear a Hi-Viz and preferably the Cubs too. Also each team will need a pen.

Also just a reminder that I will need final numbers of adults and children, including how many vegetarians, by Monday 6th March as I will be shopping on Wednesday 8th March.

Look forward to seeing those who are coming.


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