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County Training Update

21 February 2021
Welcome to TRAINING UPDATES. Helping you to keep up to date with all of the practical training and expertise that is available to you in GLN.
1st Response: Important Information
More than 400 of you will need to complete first aid training between now and the end of April. As it is not possible to deliver this training face to face, because of the virus, we are now delivering it via Zoom. The six hours of training needed can be covered through the completion of three, 2-hour Zoom sessions, identified as Module 10A as follows:
session 1: Life Support
session 2:  Major Illness
session 3Trauma and Injury

A short practical session identified as Module 10B will also need to be completed – when the virus allows.

If you would like more details about these new Zoom sessions, please follow the link HERE

The County Team have recruited a number of new trainers to help to deliver this training. Please select and book each of your three sessions  HERE They can be done in any order.

If you do not see a convenient date and time, please keep checking the site as more courses will be added as the months progress.

If you have an alternative suggestion for a good time for Zoom training – please let me know at

Most sessions will be limited to 16 people, but as there are a great many of you needing the training over the next few months, do please make every effort to attend the sessions you have booked.

When you have completed the three sessions, we will give you details of the short 30-minute practical sessions (10B).

Training Advisers
Over the past few months, I have met online with many of the Training Advisers around the County. Can I thank you for the valuable work you are doing in coaching, supporting and validating the training of the many leaders across the County who are working for their Wood Badge. Please remember ‘the LOVE’: Learning is Optional, Validation is Essential.

Can I remind you that we have a dedicated page for Training Advisers on the County Website with lots of convenient resources and links – all in one place. Click  HERE
It also includes  Appointment: Table 2

Wood Badge Congratulations
Over the last six weeks, we are delighted to have been able to recommend the following Wood Badges.  Thanks to all the following, for their hard work and commitment:

Rachel Gordon Assistant Scout Leader Barnet Borough District

Section Leader training
Our section leader training programme is proving extremely popular and we have leaders training with us, not just from GLN but from around the UK and abroad.

We are just over halfway through the current Zoom programme, having already delivered 16 modules since the start of November. If you have your sights on a Wood Badge for your current appointment, then don’t miss out on these opportunities!

We are receiving very good feedback from our participants.  Please don’t think that if you have a Wood Badge already, you can’t join in.

When was the last time that you thought seriously about the Scouts’ Equal Opportunities Policy for your Group or Section (Scouting for All: Module 7)?

Have you thought about the activities that you are going to deliver when we open back up again, in line with the new Risk Assessment requirements? ( Running Safe Activities: Module 17).

Could your section meetings be a little less rowdy and a little more organised when you return after lock-down?  (Promoting Positive Behaviour: Module 15).

One area of Scouting that’s all planned,  prepared and ready to go – our Zoom-based Section Leader Training  You will also find on our County website the link to all the new Mandatory Ongoing e-Learning. So whether you are a new Sectional  Assistant or a Trustee on an Executive Committee, you’ll find the e-learning that you need to get quickly up to speed.

If you have any doubts about what modules you need to cover, talk to your Training Adviser (often your Group Scout Leader) or drop your Local Training Manager an email:
Barnet Borough District :;   
Chris Nagle
County Training Manager
Greater London North Scout County