Beaver Badge Afternoon

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Beaver Badge Afternoon

1 October 2019

Venue: Frith Grange
Date: Saturday 16th November
Time: 2pm until 4.30pm
Cost: £3 per Beaver

This year we will be working on the Experiment Badge.

Each Colony attending will be presented with a certificate and every Beaver completing the experiments will be awarded the Experiment Badge.

Uniform to be worn by Beavers and Leaders please.

There will be refreshments for Beavers and Leaders.

Each Colony attending is asked to run a base with an experiment, I have
already had ideas from one Colony. Ideas for experiments can be
discussed at our next Beaver Leaders meeting on Monday 14 th October,
so that none are duplicated.

The afternoon is from 2 until 4.30pm. The Beavers will work in groups
moving around every 15 minutes to each activity/experiment, with a 10
min break for refreshments. This will mean a prompt start to the

As usual there will be only parking at Frith for Leaders. Parents will have
to park nearby to drop off and pick up their Beavers but please ask them
not to park on Frith Lane. It will be very busy; we want to avoid any

I am checking with one of the local companies to see if we can
use their car park.