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Your District Needs You!

13 June 2019

We’ve been working extremely hard tackling the Millbrook Park issue, and now it is your turn to Do Your Bit!

Next week on Wednesday 19th June at 6:25pm we’d like as many young people as possible in uniform on site at Frith Grange.

There will be a series of photographs taken and some choreographed air photography thanks to the use of Frank Phillips and his drone.

All young people from Beavers to Explorers are welcome and needed please.

This will take about an hour. Refreshments will be provided and we will have some parking marshals in place to help to ease the congestion and as always ask those that can walk to Frith to do so if possible.

It’s a choice and this is the first time that the young people are being asked to have a hands on role in campaigning for the welfare of Frith Grange. Everyone will be an important part of the process.

These photos will not be close up identifying individual children and will not be published with any names, but parents should be aware that the plan is to publish these images online, in print and to send them to MPs, local councillors etc.

Please support this effort which has happened as a result of many hours of graft by The Few; now all that we need to do is to muster the numbers!

Please share this as far and wide as possible!

I’ll be there and hope that some of you will attend along with hundreds of young people!

Many thanks

Mike, GSL 1st & 3rd New Barnet Scout Group

on behalf of Bill Taylor, GSL 21st Hendon