St George’s Promise Renewal event

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St George’s Promise Renewal event

8 April 2019

This year the District has planned something different for this event.

For 2019 it will take place at North Finchley Vue Cinema on Sunday 28th April from 9:30am.

After the renewal of our Promises there’ll be a screening of the film “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” (PG).

You’ll need to wear full uniform.

If you (or a younger Scout for whom you are completing this application) would like to attend this event please complete the form at before Sunday 14th April.

You’ll have to complete one form per person.

Unfortunately there are only 350 seats in the cinema so places will be limited.

The District will allocate places so that as many Groups and sections can attend as possible.  There will be enough Leaders to provide a safe ratio of adults to young people, but if as many people apply as usually attend the Parades there will not be enough seats for everyone.

Confirmation of attendance will be sent on Monday 15th April.

Please do apply and good luck!