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Notice of EGM – 10th April

14 March 2019

Prior to the next AGM we need to adopt a new District Constitution, as there have been significant changes since the amalgamation of the Districts when our current Constitution was written.  All Adult Members of the Scout Association plus Explorer Scouts who are active in Barnet Scout District are entitled to attend and vote at meetings of the District Scout Council. We have tidied up some definitions, clarified who can be be members of the District Executive (or attend their meetings) and included the new Roles created by H.Q. since 2009.

So, you are hereby invited to attend an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Barnet District Scout Council to be held in the Cyril Allen Hut, Frith Grange Camp Site on Wednesday April 10th 2019 at 8:00 p.m.  This will be immediately followed by a meeting of the District Executive Committee.

There will be TWO Resolutions for the meeting to consider and vote upon:
1)  The District Executive Committee propose the adoption of the new District Constitution (as per attached file).
2)  In accordance with the new Constitution (if adopted) the District Executive Committee will propose for adoption the minimum numbers of Voting Members required to be present at each meeting of the District Scout Council, the District Executive Committee and of any Sub-Committees for them to be considered quorate.

No other business will be considered.

Penny Proctor
Barnet Borough District Scout Council