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Awards – not just for youth members!

20 February 2019

I’m sure that you’re aware that there are Scout Association Awards for adult volunteers, but perhaps not how the process of nominating people for Awards is managed in our District?

We’ve recognised that within Barnet we might not always have been the best at using Scout Association Awards to say thank you for the great work that our adult volunteers do, which is why an Awards Advisory Group has been established to promote the Awards available for adult volunteers and to encourage nominations.


It’s good to say Thank You

So many adults in Scouting in Barnet go above and beyond for the young people that they work with, or support Scouting by volunteering as Executive Committee members and/or on District teams to ensure our groups, units and premises are well run. Thanking our volunteers for their contribution to Scouting is an important way to make sure people stay with us and to recognise their achievements – it’s not just young people who appreciate receiving a certificate and badge so we want to encourage you to recognise volunteers achievements by utilising the Scout Association Awards.

A poster showing all of the Awards available can be viewed here:  The awards of the Scout Association poster


How do I nominate someone for a Good Service Award?

Anyone can nominate any adult member or associate member for a Good Service Award. The awards are progressive and there are different nomination methods depending on previous awards they have been presented and the length of service given.

To be awarded a Good Service Award (this applies to all Awards) the nominee must:

  • Hold an adult appointment as a member or associate member of the Scout Association.
  • Hold a valid disclosure (if required).
  • Have completed any mandatory training relevant to their role (or be within three years of appointment of the role/s).

For the Chief Scout’s Commendation for Good Service the nominee should have a minimum of five years’ good service.

For the Award for Merit the nominee should have a minimum of 12 years’ (exceptionally 10 years’) outstanding service.

To nominate someone for either of these Awards please complete the application form below with as much information as possible. Nominations will be reviewed at quarterly Awards Advisory Group meetings linked to dates set by HQ for the review and processing of Award nominations:

  • 15 March 2019
  • 15 June 2019
  • 13 September 2019
  • 29 November 2019

Nomination form for the Chief Scout’s Commendation for Good Service and The Award for Merit (Editable PDF)

Forms can be returned to me via email or posted to:

Sarah Thomas
Barnet Scout Awards
42 Oakleigh Road South
New Southgate
N11 1LA

There are separate nomination forms for the following Awards, the forms for which will have to be passed from our Barnet Awards Advisory Group up to County Level, and possibly beyond. Nominations for these Awards should still be made via District in the first instance, with forms being returned to me via email or post as above.

Bar to the Award for Merit – the nominee must have been awarded The Award for Merit and completed five further years of outstanding service.

Silver Acorn – the nominee should have a minimum of 20 years of specially distinguished service.

Bar to the Silver Acorn – the nominee must have been awarded The Silver Acorn and completed five further years of specially distinguished service.

Silver Wolf – for service of the most exceptional nature; it is not normally considered before The Silver Acorn has been presented.

Nomination form for the Bar to the Award for Merit & Silver Acorn (Editable PDF)

Award for Good Service and Chief Scout’s Personal Award form (TSA06/GS) (Editable PDF)(For the Bar to the Silver Acorn or Silver Wolf)


Help! I’m not sure what I should include on the nomination form?

Via the following link you you will find some tips and hints on how to write a citation for a Good Service Award application along with an example citation for each level of Award to help you:
Support on how to write a good citation

Please do share this information with your Leader team as all members are able to make nominations – you never know, one of your Leaders might want to nominate you for an Award!

Thank you for helping us to say Thank You to the wonderful volunteers that make Scouting happen in Barnet!

If you have any questions please do get in touch and I’ll do my best to help you – and I very much look forward to receiving some nomination forms!!

Yours in Scouting



Sarah Thomas
Awards Advisory Group Co-ordinator, Barnet