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Young Leader Training Weekend

3 January 2019

Hi all, 

Happy New Year!

As many of you may know, there will be a Young Leader Training Weekend 18th – 20th January at Frith Grange.

This weekend is held once a year and has previously been very successful. Please pass on the details to your young people and their leaders.

The weekend gives the opportunity for your Young Leaders to become much more useful to your Group as trained leaders, as well as encouraging and developing them: the potential new leaders of the future.

We’ve planned a schedule that covers every Module, except K (First Aid), at least once over the course of the weekend.   We’ve also included a Mini Monopoly Run Challenge in London on Saturday afternoon.  Although this is a fun break from the formal Modules, it is still part of the training, as it requires teamwork and will exercise leadership, delegation and planning skills.

The weekend will follow the same successful format as previously with training sessions on Friday night and Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon in London returning to Frith after dinner for a campfire, and further training sessions on Sunday morning.

We’d love more hands to help with all sorts of jobs, including manning checkpoints in London on Saturday afternoon, catering, and running or helping to facilitate any of the Friday night, Saturday morning or Sunday morning training modules.  I think I can say with some confidence there is a job for all of us willing to take one on, including staying overnight at Frith for one or two nights.

Please do get in touch with your pledges of help as soon as possible.

Many thanks 

Meera Chauhan