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14 December 2018

Our campaign against the Millbrook Park Developers

Dear friends

Despite our best efforts to come to an agreement with the developers that would benefit Frith Grange, we were eventually rebuffed and have only succeeded in achieving some modest changes to the plans.

We now need to MOBILISE maximum support from you, all of your leaders and all of the families in your Group/Section/Unit.  If they also have friends who will support our campaign, then so much the better.

As many objections to the latest planning application as possible need to be submitted to the Council by Thursday 20th December.  We need to grab the developers’ attention!

Those that have MyScout on OSM should please copy and paste the below detailed message in to either your Text or Email feature and send it to ALL.  If you haven’t got OSM with the MyScout add-on then please send it out by conventional email or text.

Please ensure that ALL of your Leaders, Section Assistants, Helpers, Executive Officers and Committee Members are included in this circulation.  We need to bombard Barnet’s Planning Office with a deluge of objections!

The message we need you to send out is simple:
Frith Grange – our District H.Q. and Camp Site is going to be seriously affected by the latest plans of the Millbrook Park developers.We need YOUR immediate help please.

Follow this link  to our special web page that has all of the information that you need. Then, compose and submit your comments to Barnet Council using the link provided.

Quick, simple and VERY IMPORTANT.

Thank you very much for your support.

Barnet District Executive

Thank you for taking the time to action this most important communication.

Kind regards

Clive, Trevor, Tracey & Bill