Beavers’ Handicraft Competition

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Beavers’ Handicraft Competition

13 August 2018

Judging wil take place at the Beaver Leaders’ meeting at Frith on Monday 10th December at 8pm.

The Competition has an Autumnal Theme and is in 3 categories:
1. An A4 drawing/ painting – (individual)
2. A Junk Model – (individual), (under 2 feet please)
3. An A2 Collage – (small group)

This competition covers work needed for the Creative Badge.

Beavers to work on this during Colony meetings (or at home if you prefer). It must be their own work.

Each Colony to choose two pieces of work from each category to bring along to the judging evening.

There will be certificates for each Colony that takes part. Also prizes & certificates for winners and runners up.

I am sending this information early as I know some of you plan well in advance for your Colony meetings. If you are unable to get to the Beaver Meeting for the judging I will be happy to collect your

With kind regards