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Parade and Renewal of Promise details

13 March 2018

St George’s Day/Renewal of Promise parade
Sunday 29th April 2018



  • All sections are to assemble at Victoria Park N3 (Ballards Lane entrance) from 1330 and by 1355.
  • Members should report to their Leaders when they arrive.
  • A Leader from each Group will have a Group name board and be in the correct order at the start point. Name boards will be carried by a member of that Group during the Parade.
  • Groups should form up with Beavers in front followed by Cubs and then Scouts.
  • The Parade Marshall will be Andy Simson.
  • All persons attending must be in full Scout uniform with shirts tucked in.  Medals should be worn.
  • The Parade will move off at 1400 sharp.
  • The front of the Parade will be a Band, followed by the Union Flag and escort, followed by St George’s flag and escort. The Groups will be in the order shown on the list which will be supplied nearer to the date.



  • The Parade will move off at 1400 with a Police escort.
  • The Sections will march in rows of three with all Leaders marching on the right of the Parade to ensure safety. The Colours will be carried ‘gathered in’.
  • On arrival we will use the entrance slip road to Stephens House (formerly Avenue House.


Saluting base

  • The Parade will march past the saluting area.
  • The Leader at the head of the Group will order “eyes right” as they reach the first flag. All GSLs or SICs are to salute. Other leaders and section members do not salute.
  • The Leader at the head of the Group will order “eyes left “when the entire Group has passed the saluting area or as you approach the second flag.
  • Sign carriers will peel off after the saluting base and go through the gate to the grounds on the left where they will be directed to the position they will need to stand on the grass area facing the pond.
  • The Parade will follow the Parade Marshal and be halted after passing through the courtyard.
  • The Parade will be halted by the Parade Marshal after passing through the courtyard and turning down the footpath to the gardens.
  • Flag bearers will need to lower their flags to get them under the arch.
  • After this all will turn down the footpath to the gardens. Stewards will direct Groups on to the grass area facing the pond where their Group sign will be.
  • Groups will stay in order with Beavers in front followed by Cubs and then Scouts.  Leaders will be at the side of the Group.
  • The flag bearers will be directed where to stand in front of the pond and behind the dignitaries with flags removed from buckets.
  • DC and VIPs to assemble in front of the flags.
  • The Union and St George flags’ bearers and escorts will present the flags to the DC.
  • The Parade Marshal will place the flags in the stand.
  • Bearers and escorts join at the end of the flags.


Welcome address by DC


Short address by the Mayor of Barnet


Renewal of Promise

  • The renewal of Promises for all sections will then take place led by the section ADCs.
  • A list of achievers over the last 12 months will be recognised and any awards will be presented.
  • One guest may address the parade.
  • The Parade Marshal will call the parade to alert.
  • The Union flag and St George’s flag will be returned to the flag bearers.


National Anthem

  • One verse will be played and sung.
  • Parade Marshal will then ask all to stand at ease.
  • Instructions will be given about what will be happening after the dismissal.



  • The Parade Marshal will ask if the Parade may be dismissed.  This will then be done.
  • After the dismissal there will be cake and drinks available for all.


If wet:

  • This will be done quickly.
  • If heavy rain is forecast and it is raining at 1100 the DC and the Parade Marshall may call off the Parade and inform GSLs.


General notes

  • Full uniform is to be worn by all who are on Parade, with shirts tucked in, scarf ironed and shoes polished.
  • It is suggested that Section members wear something under their uniforms if the weather is not warm.
  • Leaders are to march on the right of the Parade to ensure safety. If possible some Leaders to wear hi-vis jackets. The Police will also provide a car at the rear of the Parade to keep the traffic back.
  • Leaders are to ensure that their Members are smartly and properly turned out.  They are also responsible for their safety and behaviour at all times.
  • Nobody must leave the Parade at any time.
  • All Colours must be properly escorted whenever uncased. Once the Parade has been dismissed the Colours are to be cased before leaving the area.
  • If the weather should be unsuitable for the Parade the GSL or S I C will be contacted on the mobile phone number that you have supplied.
  • The Parade Marshall is in charge of all the Parade movements. His decision will be final.
  • Parents should drop children off at Victoria Park and will be encouraged to view the Parade en route to Stephens House.
  • It is requested that parents are asked to collect their children from East End Road by Stephens House after dismissal at 1545.
  • Toilets are available next to the café near the stables at Stephens House.
  • At the end of the event GSL/SIC to let the DC know how many members attended.



Tracey Smith

District Commissioner