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General Data Protection Regulations

29 January 2018

We are planning further communications over the coming months about the General Data Protection Regulations (GPDR).

To this end, we are in the process of publishing some more updates/guidance to go out in the next few weeks and also further communication in March 2018.  We hope to include some FAQs which will benefit all across the board and are therefore very grateful for your queries/input which we will incorporate towards this exercise. Please note any FAQs will not refer to any specific members/Scout units etc.

As you may be aware, under the new GDPR Regulations responsibility for data protection will (as it does at present) continue to lie with the relevant local Executive Committee of the Scout Association. Although the Association is able to provide general guidance, any specific information/advice about compliance can be obtained directly from the Information Commissioner’s Office (which regulates data protection and produces comprehensive advice and guidance about specific matters. We strongly advise that Members/Scout Units check the ICO website for any such matters and generally:

You may also find the following information about the GDPR from the ICO website useful:

Also, this Self-assessment toolkit from the ICO is a good start point in understanding the kind of areas that may need assessing

You can also find some general information about current data protection law on our website here:,716&moduleID=10 and also here:,716&moduleID=10


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Laura Garwood

Scouting Information Adviser

The Scout Association