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12 December 2017

Hi all

When you have a moment please click on this link and read what has been happening at Gilwell with regard to Online Scout Manager:


If you already use OSM you may like to sign up to follow the posts and then add a comment.  You will see that there are already hundreds of leaders begging TSA to take OSM on  board!  TSA is not well known for listening to its members but the more upbeat and favourable comments they receive on this site the better the chances somebody will finally take notice.  Constructive criticism is equally welcome – you will see one or two as you read through! 

Should you be one of our Groups/Units not yet fully embracing OSM you may care to read some of the comments to see what it is that you are missing.

I am still willing to do some one-to-one tuition on OSM if you care to contact me (it will have to be in the New Year).  If there are any Groups/Units who have a number of people who would like help with OSM let me know and I will review our decision as to whether or not we offer another workshop.

A very Happy Holiday and a most successful New Scouting Year to you all.

Best regards