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London Pantomimers update

9 October 2017

We still have some roles that we would like to fill quickly – ideally with adults:

Genie of the Lamp
A confident character with a crazy and energetic personality. This part comes in the last scene of the first act. There are two songs so the successful candidate needs to have the confidence to sing as well as act. 
Policeman Owelette
A small part that is integral to the narrative. Sidekicks to Catboy and Gekko these policemen are involved in a very comical scene so the successful candidate will need to be fairly agile. No singing involved. 
Policeman Catboy
The second most active policeman. Joined by Owelette and Gekko this character leads the search for Aladdin throughout the narrative. The policeman are involved in energetic and comical scenes. No singing involved. 

There are still places in chorus for youth members as well!